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    A Season of Disruption

    Published By: Jacqueline P. Walker_Writings By Jackie
    Price: US$ 3.99 US$0.99
    A page-turning story of perseverance, A Season of Disruption, pays homage to generations of Caribbean women, recounting a family's journey to overcome a devastating loss. A twist of fate leaves Murna Moreland, a young, Caribbean homemaker widowed with five children. Without the means to provide for her family, she makes a seemingly unimaginable choice. She leaves her children in hopes of finding a better life in the United States. With no mother or father present, fifteen-year-old Hope must courageously guide her four younger siblings as they care for themselves and each other. The children strive each day with one goal in mind - quickly joining their mother. Time passes, and Murna's dream to reunite her family grows bleaks. Unwilling to give up, she conceives and undertakes an unlikely plan. The stakes were high. If her plan fails, she will remain separated from her family and lose the opportunity to give her children a better life. Heartfelt and captivating, A Season of Disruption is a celebration of Caribbean heritage. This story demonstrates the power of love and determination to defeat challenges that often leave families broken and estranged.
    Category: Non-Fiction