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  • Krystina Powells is a Caribbean author from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands who is a wife and a mother of a very energetic little girl who has a vivid and inexhaustible imagination. Krystina’s longtime love of history and knack for storytelling along with her experiences in the Caribbean inspire her to take readers on a journey that goes far beyond the beaches and straight into the hearts and homes of the local people. Her writing is powerful but playfulーcapable of dispelling the unease surrounding the big questions with a single pointed, poignant observation. That sparkling sensibility means even her most ambitious pieces don’t feel like a chore to read. Just the same, Krystina is not afraid to get serious and tackle troubling issues through her compelling stories which focus on the often forgotten jewels of the sea which many call ‘home’."

    Trade Winds Of The Heart

    By Krystina Powells