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  • Key Features for Publishers

    We have developed these key features with publishers in mind.

    1. Publishers have a global audience to which they can sell their eBooks.
    2. Preview - Publications can be previewed before purchase with our "read sample" button.
    3. Subscriptions - eBooks can be bought as subscriptions.
    4. Code delivery - eBooks can be delivered to institutions in quantity using our code generation and delivery model.
    5. Interactive Functions - these can be added to any publication as part of our Pro Publisher program.
    6. Secure online transaction - provision of a secure site for credit card purchase of your ebook.
    7. Simple upload of eBooks - using our secure upload container, your file is uploaded to Amazon AWS servers.
    8. Categories - detailed search for books on Digital Canopi.
    9. Author Biography - feature your authors with a short bio and photo.
    10. Company profile - publisher profile adds more insight to your company.




     Why should I use Digital Canopi to sell and distribute my book?

    1. Digital Canopi offers publishers and authors the opportunity of global reach for their publications.
    2. Digital Canopi has been developed to assist in ease of doing business with respect to the sale and delivery of books in our region and throughout the world.
    3. Digital content is here to stay. While physical books will always be around, so too is the increasing need for digital books. We offer the option to publishers to exist in this blended environment.
    4. Our model is affordable and easy to use for publishers and authors.
    5. It is free to list your book on Digital Canopi. We only make money, when you make money.
    6. Delivery and promotion of eBooks and eTextbooks can be done right from your computer at a minimal cost.
    7. Your books can be accessed from anywhere and can be portable.
    8. You have the facility to add interactive elements to your books at an affordable cost on Digital Canopi.
    9. Allows for easy updating of editions of your books.
    10. Build and manage your own business through sales of your publication on Digital Canopi.




    What does it cost to place my books on Digital Canopi?

    There is no upfront cost to upload and host your eBooks or eTextbooks on Digital Canopi.  Our payment system is designed so that when you get paid, only then, we get paid. 
    Once a user purchases a digital book from you, the credit card processing fee is deducted. We only deduct our fee (see Third-Party Agreement) once a sale transaction has taken place. 


    How do I upload a Book from my Publisher Account to Digital Canopi ?

    1. Login to your Publisher Account using your publisher credentials. (First-time publishers can create a new publisher account)
    2. In the upload book container, click the upload book button.
    3. You will be redirected to the Upload Book Page. Here you will enter the following information:
      1. Cover Image - Upload front cover (Mandatory) Back cover upload is optional.
      2. Book Name - Enter the name of the book.
      3. Price – Enter the price you plan on selling the book at.
      4. Subscription - You may attach a subscription plan to the particular book. The plan would have already have been set in under your subscriptions. (For information on how to set subscription plans see Publisher FAQs).
      5. Description - Enter your description of the book.
      6. eBook file – you can attach the .pdf file of the book you are uploading here.
      7. Category - Enter the main category of the book; Educational, Non- Fiction, or Fiction.
      8. Author- Enter the name of the Author. If the Author does not already exist, you may add the author by clicking on the add author button
      9. Total Pages - Enter total pages of the book.
      10. Preview Pages – insert how many preview pages you would like the User to view prior to purchase. (For more information on how to create preview pages please see Publisher FAQs.)
      11. Publisher name – insert the name of the publisher.
      12. Published Year – insert the year of the publication.
      13. ISBN – insert the 13 digit legitimate ISBN number of the publication.

    When all the information is entered, return to the top of the page and click “Upload Book”.

    Email us at info@digitalcanopi.com and inform us that your book has been uploaded so that we can activate the book on the site.




    What are Interactive eBooks?

    Interactive eBooks are digital books with enhanced capability which allows the user to interact with the content of your book.  Digital Canopi offers publishers the opportunity to add features such as multiple-choice selection, text boxes for answers, and checkboxes for true and false answers. This feature has an annual subscription and allows the publisher to add the features to an unlimited number of books. Contact us for more information on adding interactive functions.




    How do I create a subscription as an option on my book?

    In order to create a subscription plan a publisher should:

    1. Login to their Publisher account using their publisher credentials.
    2. From the left-hand menu, select the Subscriptions tab
    3. Click the "add plan" button
    4. Complete the form specifying a name for this subscription plan, the cost, and its duration
    5. When finished, click the "Add" button.
    6. Ensure that the "status"  switch for your new subscription plan is enabled before proceeding.
    7. Navigate to the “my books” tab and choose the book you would like to apply the subscription plan to.
    8. Select the book and click the "Edit book" button
    9. Check the subscription checkbox and select the subscription plan you just created.
    10. Click “Save” to ensure the subscription is added as a choice for the user when purchasing the book.

    Note: The same subscription plan can be applied to multiple books, however, it might be beneficial to publishers to create subscription plans for each book that they wish to apply subscriptions to, appropriately naming these plans (eg. name of the book).




    Codes - What are they used for and how are they generated?

    A publisher is allowed to purchase any quantity of codes from Digital Canopi. These codes can be used in the cases where the publisher has negotiated the sale and delivery of eBooks or eTextbooks to an institution, in large quantity, or as small as a classroom set. The publisher can even use the codes to promote their titles by issuing them to users for review

    How do codes work on Digital Canopi?

    1. sign in to Digital Canopi (Publisher log in).
    2. Click "Generate Codes" in the left-hand side menu
    3. choose a title from your list of uploaded books on Digital Canopi
    4. enter the number of codes you would like to purchase
    5. click the "Purchase Codes" button to process your payment details for this transaction (via credit card)
    6. return to the publisher page left-hand side panel and click "Book Codes". You will find your purchased book codes here.
    7. click "Download Codes"
    8. once you have these codes downloaded you are now free to distribute them to your customers 




    How do I set Preview Pages ?

    When submitting the metadata for your book on the upload page, one requirement is for the number of preview pages you will allow the user to view before they purchase the book.  This is useful for the user. It can help them in decision-making before they purchase.




    How do I receive my payments for eBooks sold on Digital Canopi ?

    When users purchase your eBooks on Digital Canopi, the sale is recorded on your My Sales tab in the Publisher account.  You will also be notified by email.  Digital Canopi will pay to Publishers every calendar 60 days (refer to Third Party Agreement). You will be contacted for your payment information so that funds can be electronically sent to your bank account.  




    Royalties, Charges, and Fees:

    See item 3. (Royalties) of the Third Party Agreement


    Subject to below, where applicable and where the Publisher is not in breach of its obligations under this Agreement, for each Work sold to a customer through the Digital Canopi Platform, the Publisher will be paid a royalty, approximately every 60 days, as set forth in Schedule 1 of this Agreement, net of refunds, bad debt, fees, withholding taxes or other taxes charged to a customer or applied with respect to sales to a customer.

    All Royalties shall be paid in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars unless in cases otherwise agreed by both parties.

    All List prices and/or Promotional List prices uploaded on the Digital Canopi Platform by the Publisher shall be VAT inclusive, where applicable.