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  • Download the Digital Canopi Offline Reader for Windows.

    With the Digital Canopi Offline Reader, you can view/read your purchased eBooks at your convenience, without being connected to the internet.

    Download the DC Windows Offline Reader

    Step 1: Click the Download the Digital Canopi Windows Offline Reader link above.
    This will begin the download process to your windows device.

    Step 2: Unzip the downloaded zip file and run the "offlineReaderv101.exe" by double-clicking on this file

    Step 3: Login to your Digital Canopi account (internet connection required for login)

    Step 4: Choose your eBook from your library displayed. Download the eBook to your device and read at your convenience.

    The Digital Canopi Offline Reader gives you access to all your purchased or subscribed eBook content from Digital Canopi.
    Your downloaded Digital Canopi eBooks can be read offline, without an internet connection.