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    30 Caribbean Folklore Legends

    Published By: Aajumbee Publishing House
    Price: US$ 4.99 US$2.99

    Featured Folklore in Full Colour: Anancy, Buck / Baccoo, Chickcharney, Churile, Ciguapa, Douens, Drums, Fairymaid/Mermaid, Gang Gang Sara, Halfway Tree (Silk Cotton Tree), Heartman, Hummingbirds, Jinn. Jumbee/Duppy, Kanaima, La Diablesse, Lagahoo, Lusca, Malju, Mama D’leau, Massacooramaan, Midnight Robber, Moko Jumbie, MoonGazer/Phantom, Papa Bois, River Mumma and the Golden Table, Rolling Calf, Saapin, SouCouYant and the Three-Footed-Horse

    Also includes extra historical pages from the Hard Cover edition in full colour

    Category: Fiction
    Sub Category: Folklore

    Marsha Gomes-Mckie