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    Agri-Science for Life - Infant Year 1

    Published By: Royards Publishing Company
    Price: US$ 10.80
    This series of Agriculture Science textbooks for Infants 1 and 2, and Standard 1 for Caribbean Schools has been developed according to the latest primary school curriculum. Listed here are the important features of this series: 1. Each chapter begins with a theme page that cites the tentative duration for the unit study and provides an overview of the outline, outcome, assignments, resources and assessments. This page helps facilitators and teachers to understand, plan and prepare materials for the classroom and field-based teaching. 2. The format of the chapters in each unit is practical-based and involves collaborative work. This reinforces understanding among the students. 3. Most of all, the importance of practical work has been emphasized and the students are encouraged to put what they learn on each page into practice and apply them in everyday situations. Forthcoming texts in the series: Standards 2 - 5
    Category: Education
    Sub Category: Science