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    As Leaves to a Tree

    Published By: Royards Publishing Company
    Price: US$ 8.50
    This anthology represents an informal selection of poems written by family members over the years. These are the few that have been preserved. Some were written during youthful years and some are recent scripts. The range of poems selected are not classified into categories or structured thematically. They are presented for the reader to engage in the varied experiences which each writer shares. It is our belief that poetry must be spontaneous — that we must have a poem to write and this leads to the creation. Poetry, contrived or studied, has been discouraged in this selection. It is our belief that creative outpourings must emanate from “the holiness of the heart’s affection and the truth of the imagination.” Poetry must come “as leaves to a tree,”, so we present for your enjoyment and interest, poetry close to the heart and head. It is our hope that this work will engage the attention of a varied audience - educators, philosophers, creative writers and those who have a great love for poetry.
    Author: Various
    Category: Fiction
    Sub Category: Poetry