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    Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts

    Published By: Latoyaa Roberts
    Price: US$ 9.99

    Collection of Poems by Latoyaa Roberts is not merely a book of poetry, but it tells an anthology of the author’s life through five distinct themes: women in society, civil society movements, inspiration and motivation, exploring the world and roots and identity. The five themes that cover forty-five poems is complemented by Caribbean art, through illustrations of Tomley Roberts that preface each serction. This makes the book a wonderful piece for a coffee table or to be placed on bookshelf. Take a journey with Latoyaa Roberts and feel empowered, inspired, whimsical and baffled as she expresses her feelings about significant issues that affects her life and the Caribbean society she lives in through poetry and art. Enjoy reading from the perspectives of a young Caribbean writer as she pours her heart and soul into this writing with the anticipation of enriching the lives of the reader and leaving them yearning more. This book is not only meant for poetry lovers but for the everyday men and women to glimpse life through the eyes, voice, and soul of the author who combines a disruptive and mind blowing collection that only Latoyaa Roberts could convey.

    Category: Non-Fiction

    Latoyaa Roberts