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    Dancing in the Rain

    Published By: Jacqueline P. Walker_Writings By Jackie
    Price: US$ 2.99 US$0.99

    She still holds a grudge. When the one who abandoned her returns, will she let bitterness tear apart all she loves?

    Washington, DC, 1997. Maxine "Maxi" Weldon is living her best life. After her childhood sweetheart bailed when their son was six, the devoted mother forged a promising career and happy home with her big-hearted husband. But the hard-working Jamaican native becomes alarmed when she walks in on her usually levelheaded twelve-year-old hanging up on a suspicious phone call.

    With layoff rumors at work weighing heavily on her mind, Maxi's stress rises exponentially when she catches the boy's bio-dad dropping him off at the house. And exploding in fury at both of them, the troubled woman is left reeling as she discovers they rekindled their father-son relationship.

    As a perfect storm of anxiety gathers, can Maxine protect everything she's built and make peace with the past?


    Category: Fiction
    Sub Category: Adult Fiction