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    Imagination Writing

    Published By: Marsha Gomes-Mckie
    Price: US$ 4.50 US$2.99

    From an author’s perspective, full of handouts and charts. Creative writing must be fluid and encompass all of your senses, only then can children begin to find their writing voice. In-depth steps to writing a story - outline and plot, setting developing characters, finding conflict, beginning, middle and ending, integrating local dialect and more. Should be paired with a grammar textbook for optimal improvements. A compilation of full coloured handouts from is available as a free download at my blog (www.marshagomes.wordpress.com). For new book releases, writing topics and new handouts: Email: mgomesmckie@gmail.com Blog: www.marshagomes.wordpress.com YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn

    Category: Education
    Sub Category: Creative Writing

    Marsha Gomes-Mckie