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    Journey of a Panman

    Published By: Cedrick Luces & Sharon Carew
    Price: US$ 8.00 US$6.50

    The product of a liaison between his mother and an American soldier

    in Trinidad during World War Two, growing up not knowing his father

    and only vaguely aware of his mother, who left for Venezuela in his

    infancy, young Cedrick defies the authority of his aunt to learn to play

    the steelpan thereby charting the course of his life’s journey. Migration

    to Venezuela; homelessness, musical adventures and misadventures; grief;

    migration to the US, hustling, drug use and dealing accompanied by

    narrow escapes from the law; becoming a master pannist; family matters

    and settling down - these are some of the twists and turns of the journey

    of this panman….

    Category: Non-Fiction

    Sharon Carew