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    Petra and the Panman's Daughter

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    Price: US$ 9.99

    Perfect New Pupil or—Attention-seeking Poser?

    Petra is the best student in all of Jerningham Government Primary: she’s the best at math, she brings the best lunches, she’s the best pan player—and she even took the best Easter trip that she can’t wait to talk about!  But before she can tell anyone about her trip, a new student joins Petra’s class. Who is this stranger who is better at math than Petra and who brings The Most Amazing lunches? What does she want? Is it true that she even has a hidden talent so brilliant that it outshines Petra’s pan skills? Petra must find the answers quickly before she loses not only the spotlight, but her best friend and her chance of representing Jerningham Government Primary at the National Under-12 Talent Show. 

    Category: Education
    Sub Category: Reading

    Phillip Simon