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    The Boy From O'Meally

    Published By: Everton G. Walker
    Price: US$ 17.99 US$15.99

    THE BOY FROM O'MEALLY reflects a true personal story of a young man who grew up from humble beginnings to achieve elusive success. It captures his journey from childhood to adulthood, outlining, adventures, humility, despair, close misses, pain, frustration, dedication, commitment, and ultimately success. It's a gripping and captivating story that is punctuated with powerful nuggets of wisdom to guide others who are experiencing hopelessness and thinking that there is no escape. Readers of this text WILL be motivated and inspired to take on the belief that in spite of challenges, there are always hope and opportunities to be successful. With a rich demonstration of what life is like in rural Jamaica, readers will also be taken on a cultural adventure as they live every moment of an epic experience.

    Category: Non-Fiction
    Sub Category: Self-Help Books

    Everton Walker