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    Published By: Roayrds Publishing Company
    Price: US$ 9.20
    These anthologies, comprised of works of some of the finest writers, are designed for English B Literature students of the lower secondary school. The main objectives are to develop a love for reading and to promote an interest and appreciation of the short story and the poem. They seek to encourage students to discover the pleasures, fun and excitement derived from reading stories, which reflect varying cultural backgrounds. The stories and poems are selected from a repertoire of writings from the Caribbean, as well as from international writers. They are chosen on the basis of their suitability to the interests, experiences, and level of maturity of first and second form students, and for the scope they provide for thought, discussion and genuine response. The suggested activities which follow provide for assessment and illumination of the different modes of experiences in each encounter, for the study of themes and characters, language and style of the craftsman, and for the channeling of the creative instincts of students via writing activities.
    Category: Education
    Sub Category: English Literature