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    CSEC English Literature B Paper 1

    Published By: Royards Publishing Company
    Price: US$ 14.00
    CSEC English Literature B - Paper 1 Multiple Choice Items- With guidelines for answering multiple-choice questions is written based on the CSEC examination format for English B Paper 1. It involves the testing of the three genres; drama, poetry, and prose through multiple-choice items. Multiple choice is very effective for assessing students’ mastery of details and specific knowledge. Multiple-choice items measure both simple knowledge and complex concepts. This book offers a structured teaching approach to answering multiple-choice questions. Its concept is based on the authors’ understanding and appreciation of the academic value of answering multiple-choice items. The greatest academic value of multiple-choice questions does not simply involve a student indicating the correct answer. Instead, its meaningfulness goes further by students clearly explaining and understanding why each answer is right or wrong.
    Category: Education