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    Rainbow Reader: A Jamaican reding Series- Infant Year 1 Reader 2

    Published By: Royards publishing Company
    Price: US$ 6.48
    The Rainbow Readers- A Jamaican Reading Series, has been designed to facilitate learning through both synchronous and asynchronous platforms. The content and structure of the series is closely guided by the NSC (National Standards Curriculum) Language Arts Curriculum. The stipulated themes of the curriculum are reflected through multiple forms of reading material that suit the abilities of the specific grade levels. In addition, all lessons showcase and teach the specific language skills mapped out in curriculum. The inclusion of research and technology in the language learning process also caters to the literacy needs of an emerging digital age. This reading series also provides young Jamaican readers with the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the importance of both Standard Jamaican English and Standard English in gaining literacy skills. Those who use the Rainbow Readers- A Jamaican Reading Series will not only gain literacy skills but also develop a joy for reading. Reading Levels Infant Year 1 and 2 Reading Levels Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Accompanying Workbooks for Readers for all Grades.
    Category: Education
    Sub Category: Language Arts