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  • Writings By Jackie is the umbrella organization covering the self-published works of author Jacqueline P. Walker. The titles owned by Writings By Jackie include a poetry chapbook, "Mothers, Sisters, Friends, a collection of essays, "Lyrics of My Reality: Reflections and Inspirations," and her fictional memoir "A Season of Disruption." "A Season of Disruption" celebrates Caribbean heritage and tells a story of courage, love, ingenuity, and the willpower to overcome challenges that often break and defeat families. Ms. Walker's essay, "Disrupted Not Defeated," will appear in Volume 36 (April 2022) of The Caribbean Writer (an international, refereed literary journal published annually by the University of the Virgin Islands). Visit www.writingbyjackie.com for more information.

    A Season of Disruption

    By Jacqueline P. Walker