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    Caging Adults With Childhood Emotional Neglect

    Published By: Blessed Publishing and Printing Services
    Price: US$ 8.00

    This book on parenting examines the micro-dynamics of the parent and child moment-to-moment interactions.  The writer intermixes Social Psychology; Childhood Emotional Neglect with narrative writing to bring to the fore childhood experiences that a layperson would view as insignificant and illuminates for readers the pivotal role they play in shaping adult life. This is possible because childhood experiences initiate the development of brain circuitries, which the child takes into adulthood. When formed with emotionally unavailable adults the results are emotional pains, wounds, and hurts that have outcomes: insecure attachment, lack of the skills of emotional regulation and shared emotional regulation low self-esteem, and self-acceptance, to name a few.  These become bars or limitations for adults in romantic relationships and parent/child relationships.  The book demonstrates how the child is the father of the man. It also features how to heal from Childhood Emotional Neglect and how to prevent it. Parents tend to focus on the spiritual, physical, intellectual and other dimensions but neglect the emotional development of children.  They need to become aware of the importance of the emotional dimension of the child.  It is in our emotional selves we have challenges when we get into adult relationships: romantic and parent/child.

    Category: Education , Non-Fiction

    Pamela Amun