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    Empires of the Caribbean

    Published By: Royards Publishing Company
    Price: US$ 16.99

    The Caribbean is full of intrigue.

    Between the English-speaking countries emotions on the surface are jealousy, envy, greed and passion about the need for loyalty. The business and sport rivalry exists in the two best-known islands in the English-Speaking Caribbean, namely Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

    Then the protagonists meet. the first is Tatiana MacGregor, the ambitious daughter of a wealthy family who own and operate the Great House "Pimento Hill" in Jamaica. Their small empire is in the breeding of the  Jamaica Red Cattle and the exportation of Pimento to the world market. But Tatiana has started opening different types of hotels in Jamaica and has her eyes on Tobago and mining in Guyana.

    Category: Fiction
    Sub Category: Adult Fiction , Cultural