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    Poems of Love and Songs of Despair

    Published By: Royards Publishing Company
    Price: US$ 11.99

    This poet is as pleased as punch to present his positings to appropriate persons about heights and low points of paramours. Thus he has divided his presentation into two sections labelled ‘Poems Of Love, and Songs Of Despair – the former connoting a good outcome, the latter the opposite. A lot of the material is culled from personal experience, but there is no way you’ll be able to recognise the protagonists because of the drastic and at times comical name changes. The actors may be from high (princely) or mundane places, with proud or blushing faces. This oeuvre is presented with unsurpassable rhyme. There is something for even the most jaded reader. So enjoy! This poet was born in Barbabos. He attended Harrison College. From there he emerged as a Barbados Scholar in Latin and Greek. Because of this he was able to obtain a first degree in Medicine at Edinburgh University from where he also obtained a postgraduate degree in Surgery. He then returned to the West Indies. He plied his craft in Trinidad for forty years. His hobbies include writing especially poetry, philately and golf.

    Category: Fiction
    Sub Category: Poetry