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    Trade Winds Of The Heart

    Published By: Krystina Powells
    Price: US$ 2.99
    Life for Kayla Jackson on the charming island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands hasn’t been all sea, sun, and sand. At twenty-four, Kayla is finally maneuvering her way through all of the bitter setbacks in her life, hoping to achieve her dreams. Just as Kayla is beginning to find focus, she meets Richard, an intriguing stranger who’s worlds apart from the life she knows. Richard has moved from Davenport, Iowa to the Caribbean expecting an uncomplicated life and has become a successful businessman with lots of friends in high places. All is going well with Richard until his heart lures him into the unknown, spinning him out of control. Will his presumptions steer him away from the path of passion or will surrendering be exactly what’s needed to complete him? Will this chance meeting stand in the way of Kayla’s moment of recognition and result in her losing what she’s worked so hard to regain? Trade Winds of the Heart is as vibrant as the Caribbean itself and as unpredictable as the storms that torment its sandy shores. A fascinating story of how two lives on clearly divergent paths eventually intersect. Two people navigating the turbulent twists and turns in their lives and steering their way through the prevailing cultural, racial, and socio-economic issues to discover true love.
    Category: Fiction

    Krystina Powells